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Powerful 9 tail Kitsune Spirit Pendant

Powerful 9 tail Kitsune Spirit Pendant
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Product Description

9 Tailed Kitsune Spirit Charm~Positive ENERGY and blessings.


Pendant: Beautiful blue prism with silver fox with crystals on its head.

We are honored to present powerful spiritual Kitsune spirits. The word Kitsune means Fox in Japanese.

These are 9 Tail Kitsunes with the utmost magickal abilities and wisdom.

Kitsunes are excellent guardians and loyal friends.

While not a wish granting entity, the gifts they bestow upon their keepers is often even more valuable! Kitsunes have the ability to draw forth opportunities and gifts that are extremely useful to their keepers such as increased psychic awareness, the ability to deflect negativity, the drawing forth of resources such as money and finding good deals and special opportunities in your everyday life. You will notice those little annoyances giving way to many more days of smooth sailing and happy times spent with family and friends with less worry, less stress, more money and more freedom to really enjoy life the way it was intended. The more you bond with your Kitsune, the more positive outcomes you will see. Within a very short time, you will wonder how you ever lived without this beautiful spirit in your life.

Instructions and the name of your Kitsune will be emailed to you.

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