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Powerful spell cast ANTI MERCURY RETRO GRADE amulet

Powerful spell cast ANTI MERCURY RETRO GRADE amulet
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Many people have been requesting our Anti Mercury Retrograde spells, so wedecided to triple cast our guarded spells onto this gorgeous unisex amulet.

If you have problems during Mercury retrograde, don't feel alone!

Many people complain that everything seems to turn to s**t when Mercury is in retrograde. Fights erupt, misunderstandings happen, cars die, phones and computers crash and money seems to fly out the window.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Well, the best way I can describe this is that during several times of the year planets appear to rotate backward through the zodiac. This is called "retrograde motion" Mercury, being the fastest moving planet has retrograde several times a year (oh joy). Since Mercury rules over many aspects of our lives, this can cause a bit of havoc in our day to day lives.

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I do not want to totally trash Mercury Retrograde because these periods of time can have some positive aspects as well, such as hearing from people from the past, discovering new ways to do things and revealing truths.

These spells will counter negative energies while allowing positive energies to flow naturally.

You will find that this amulet will calm tensions, lower stress levels, aid in communication, and just make everything in your life work smoother.

Many have reported miraculous events while wearing the amulet as well.

Wear during Mercury Retrograde periods. No ritual necessary.

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