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Recharging amplifying box WITH citrine wish crystal

Recharging amplifying box WITH citrine wish crystal
Item# recharging-amplifying-box-with-citrine-wish-crystal
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Product Description

tem: Beautiful pewter box with dark velvet lining. Comes with a citrine wish sealing crystal.

This is a unique and extremely powerful and effective item with many different uses.

The citrine wishing crystal is spell cast over 12 full Moon cycles to manifest your desires quickly. When you place the crystal inside the amplifying CROWN, the results are multiplied by thousands of times, making for a extremely powerful magickal force!

You can also use the citrine crystal to personalize your other magickal jewelry and to align it perfectly with your energies and your desires. When you place a jewelry item in the CROWN amplifying box along with the wish sealing citrine crystal, your jewelry will also be imbued with your wish intent!

The CROWN is also a super powerful recharging box. Placing your magickals inside will bring them back to better than original powers, aligning all spells properly and removing negative energy.

The wish sealing citrine crystal is an extraordinary good luck piece that you will want to have with you at all times. It provided protection and draws wealth to you.