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Due to the size of this box, it is not available for international shipping. I can create a smaller version if you want it shipped internationally. Please email me at chickoebay@aol.com.

Recharging bonding transfer box complete kit XXL size
Recharging bonding transfer box complete kit XXL size
Item# recharging-bonding-transfer-box-complete-kit-xxl-size
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Product Description


Our customers have been asking for a way to combine their magickals so that they do not have to wear multiple pieces at the same time.

We have been working on creating the perfect transfer/recharging/amplifying box.


We are excited to present this amazing article to you!

It has so many benefits that you will wonder how you ever did without it.


  • Measures 11.97" (L) × 7.36" (W) × 9.84" (H) when closed.


There is 5 drawers in this box. 

We made this a complete kit by providing you with all the materials needed. You will receive 5 transfer pendants,  and 1 cleansing/amplifying/bonding crystal. 


This box can be used for any type of spell cast or spirit bound item. Dark or light or anything in between.



To Use: Place magickals in a drawer along with the transfer pendant. Leave for 24 hours. When you take the transfer pendant out, it will have the spirits and spells of all articles that were placed in the drawer along with the transfer pendant. This allows you to wear only one piece of jewelry instead of dozens. The transfer pendant holds the powers until you remove them. This is a wonderful way to combine your magickal items in ways that are most beneficial to you.

To clear the transfer pendant of all energies, place in the top compartment for 24 hours along with the cleansing, recharging, bonding crystal.


Here is what you will receive:

Wooden box as shown.  Very nice quality.

5 transfer pendants as shown.

1 cleansing, amplifying and bonding crystal.


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Moonstar7spirits registered trademark 4157496. 

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