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Recharging offering feeding amplifying box djinn dragon angel

Recharging offering feeding amplifying box djinn dragon angel
Item# recharging-offering-feeding-amplifying-box-djinn-dragon-angel
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We are extremely happy to be selling here on etsy and have made some wonderful new friends!

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I am offering this rare and beautiful "spirit feeder" recharging box.

What sets this item apart from other recharging boxes is a few key elements.

*This box acts as a favorable offering. It is considered "food" which amplifies the energies of any spirit.

*Restores all of your magickals to better than original powers by magnifying their energies 10x. They come out of the box humming with electricity!

*Removes negativity from your spirit bound and spell imbued jewelry as this can prevent you from making a strong connection.

When your spirits are happy they reward you over and over!

They grant wishes faster and with more precision.

Their powers are drastically increased which means they work much harder, for much longer.

They know you care enough to provide them with this essential component, therefore they reward you with spiritual favors.

I only have a few of these vessels available. They are absolutely gorgeous! Made of pewter with spectacular detailing and dark, rich velvet lining. A very nice quality vessel that will last you many, many years. It is a small and discreet size, but roomy enough for 3-4 rings or pendants at a time.

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