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Ribbons of Gold wealth money spell bead

Ribbons of Gold wealth money spell bead
Item# ribbons-of-gold-wealth-money-spell-bead
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Product Description

Bead: Deep green bead with ribbons of gold design. This bead has a metal core. Use it to make your very own magickal talisman by adding several beads to a bracelet or chain. Beads are so easy to wear!

Note About Add Ons: *If you choose personal alignment. I need your name and date of birth. I will align your energies with the spell. This eliminates bonding time. *If you choose 3x triple cast, your bead will be cast with the same spell a total of 6 times. This makes for faster results. *If you choose both add ons, you will get both personal alignment and 2x triple cast on your bead. (I will need name date of birth) *If you choose to add a bracelet to your order this is a plated silver recharging bracelet in your choice of length. You will get only one bead with this purchase. The picture of the toggle bracelet with several beads is to show you what your bracelet can look like! *Recharging toggle bracelet keeps your beads free of negativity and also cleanses your aura.

"The story is told Of long ago About a statue With a heart of gold."

An line from our book of shadows...This particular spell is ancient and very, very effective!!!!

Everything is made of energy. The members of Moonstar7spirits are masters of energy manipulation and the art of spell craft. We have energetically imbued these beautiful beads to align you with the frequency of Wealth, money, and ABUNDANCE. As you wear this bead, you will begin seeing more and more money come your way. I don't know how your money will come, but I do know that it will. People love this spell and these beads sell out quickly, so do not delay.

Job Promotions Raises Lottery Wins Casino Wins Cash Advances from unexpected sources.

This is a triple cast spell that was done by my entire coven during the optimal moon phases for wealth.