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Sapphire Princess Djinn Genie of unlimited wishes granted

Sapphire Princess Djinn Genie of unlimited wishes granted
Item# sapphire-princess-djinn-genie-of-unlimited-wishes-granted
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Introducing The sapphire princess Djinn!
The Sapphire Djinn come from a distant realm of breathtakingly beautiful djinn. These are the djinn often called upon by sorcerers as they display a wide variety of magickal powers that are unique to their race. Some of these powers include, but are not limited to:
Calling upon other djinn and spirits
Making objects invisible
Allowing time travel
Changing future events
Turning enemies into friends
Helping you find true love and happiness
Helping you discover your true destiny
They often appear as shimmering spirits that are described as so awe inspiring, that they leave you speechless!
The Sapphire princess is an extremely giving djinn. She has access to all material and spiritual gifts and loves bring them to her keeper. The only thing she wants in return is your love and respect.

This beautiful female Genie is ready and able to make all of your dreams and desires come true!

What sets the Sapphire Princess Djinn apart from other genies, is their ability to connect very quickly and completely with their keepers. They love to manifest and to show you how powerful they are through the giving of gifts and performing miracles for you.
The Sapphire Princess Djinn are elite and extremely powerful.

They are housed in a beautiful sparkly sapphire ring. It is made of 18kp over silver. I have sizes 7 and 8 available. Each ring has a different Sapphire Princess djinn attached.

Once you summon your Sapphire Princess Djinn, she will be with you always! She will grant unlimited wishes.

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