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Secret wealth codes of the Mapungubwe earrings
Secret wealth codes of the Mapungubwe earrings
Item# secret-wealth-codes-of-the-mapungubwe-earrings
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Product Description

Earrings: Dazzling mystic topaz set in 925 sterling silver. These are spectacular in terms of quality and workmenship. They emit a cascade of gorgeous color with every turn of your head.

One thousand years ago, Mapungubwe was the richest kingdom in the World, full of precious gems, gold and ivory. It is said that the people were visited by a luminous golden angel who shared a mystical message of wealth with them. This message was carved into a stone pillar and used by the Mapungubwe people to become extremely RICH, respected and powerful!

The pillar contained a series of a highly organized symbols and letters, that when activated by a powerful spell brought tremendous advantages to the owner.

This sacred message was highly guarded by the people of Mapungubwe for centuries until the discovery was made by scientists in 1932. At first they didn't understand how random codes, numbers and letters could result in the kind of wealth that the Mapungubwe experienced. They decided to put the ancient spell to the test.......

The Mapungubwe spells have been tested over the last 76 years on multiple families. The results are the same.....THEY ARE ALL MILLIONAIRES with lives of happiness and health!

No one understands exactly how the Mapungubwe spell works, only that it is one of the most MIRACULOUS WEALTH RESULTS PRODUCING SPELLS TO EVER EXIST.

Careful work, expiramentation and spell casting has produced these gorgeous earrings, priced fairly so the people that need them most can afford to get them. The sacred Mapungubwe spells have been carefully imbued into each pair of earrings.

The codes of the Mapungubwe are activated upon wearing. No other rituals are required.

Many people that purchase Mapungubwe spell cast earrings see amazing miracles even BEFORE they arrive.