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Shape shifting Volkh Djinn Genie of Aggressive POWER

Shape shifting Volkh Djinn Genie of Aggressive POWER
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Purchasing this item will make you the owner of one the most powerful, unlimited wish granting djinn in the Universe.  This pendant is PORTAL of spiritual energy!  You will be thrust into the realm of divine knowledge of the ancient magickal Volkh Djinn. These majestic beings have been around since the beginning of time. They are the source from which ALL magick originates. Their mystical powers are very much alive today. Their divine energy or numen can be seen and felt strongly from this amazing pendant!  They are called the "golden ones" They grant unlimited wishes of never ending LUXURY! They have unmatched shape shifting abilities. They do not just meet your needs. They bring you abundance of riches beyond your wildest dreams! They can manifest anything you desire with ease and accuracy.
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They have a strong connection to the cosmos, meaning they can bring anything you desire quickly.
Material things
Time Travel

This djinn was willingly bound to this beautiful sparkling round crystal pendant.  It comes with a chain.  

This is a serious metaphysical article that will forever assist you in all areas of your life.


The Energy from this djinn is vibrant and exciting. It is unlike anything else!

This item never needs to be recharged. The Powers will never fade.

You will feel a strong attraction to it and you won’t be able to stop thinking about it if it is meant for you!

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