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Solomon's 6th and 7th pentacles of Jupiter djinn Amulet

Solomon&#39;s 6th and 7th pentacles of Jupiter djinn Amulet
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Product Description

Solomon's 6th and 7th Pentacles of Jupiter~Protection and Wealth

From the Elite Collection of Moonstar7sprits

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This collection consists of the most powerful and results producing magickals we offer.

We are well known and well respected sellers.

Offering the most powerful and positive spirits in the World.

Created by top conjurer Mahindred Shamasee.

King Solomon believed that planets had immense power over the spiritual World. Magickal symbols such as this one work to channel the planet's power to command All spirits to obey.

The 6th and 7th Pentacles of Jupiter protect you from Earthly dangers. It also gives you powers against poverty. It brings wild good luck to business, law suits and lowers stress levels.

All money problems will quickly fade into a distant memory as your energies align with these powerful symbols.

Mahindred Shamasee also bound powerful top level marid djinn to these amulets to activate all powers in your favor as well as to grant your wishes. 

Vessel: beautiful pewter 2 sided Solomon's talisman featuring the 6th and 7th Pentacles of Jupiter. This item has a very unique vibrating energy all its own.

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Mahindred Shamasee added astrological powers to this amulet by timing the castings with the alignment of the planets. He added powers of fame, promotion, health and wealth.


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