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Sorcerer's Powerful Wand of the Angels

Sorcerer&#39;s Powerful Wand of the Angels
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I present to you a sacred offering

A shimmering crystal wand set with natural stones of rose quartz, amethyst and quartz crystal point.

From the collection of Mahindred Shamasee~Top conjurer and long time member of the Moonstar7spirits team of professionals.

We have been bringing you authentic magickals since 2006


This wand will change your life as it transforms the beginner into a master sorcerer!

You do not need prior knowledge of spell casting, psychic abilities or special gifts to utilize the powers of this remarkable piece.

The largepink quartzstone at the top is an Angelic portal. Constantly drawing Angels to assist you in every situation.

The stones on the front have been cast with ancient spells that activate automatically to the words that you speak.

The clear quartz crystal point at the end of the wand takes your spoken word, amplifies it, empowers it , and directs it toward your target outcome.


There are 11 spells on this wand, chosen by Mahindred Shamasee as the most potent of their kind.

1. Attraction- of all things positive.

2. Beauty- drawing forth your natural beauty and enhancing your appeal to others.

3. Charisma- Giving you the ability to lead. No longer a follower. Others will take notice and respect your authority.

4. Desire- You will be desired by others not only for your radiant beauty, but for the wisdom and status you hold.

5. Energy- to do all the things necessary to obtain your happy life.

6. Fortune- drawing forth from the cosmos your eternal fortune. Absolutely no worries about where money will come from again.

7. Giving- of yourself to others will activate the law of ten fold, bestowing ten times back what you give to others.

8. Harvest- finally seeing the fruition of your hard works. Things come together and manifest the things long awaited.

9. Insight-seeing far into the future or back to the past in order to make the best decisions. No repeat mistakes to be made.

10. Justification-for all of the wrongs you have done or others have done to you. A clean sweep of energies for renewal and rebirth.

11. Karma-healing of past traumas that may be keeping you stagnant.


The spells activate immediately upon your touch and are set in action with your spoken words.

Simply speak your desired outcome as you point the wand away from you. Your words are retrieved by the Angels and carried through the crystal point of the wand directly to the source.

Your words manifest quickly and powerfully.


Sometimes the best spells are those you cast yourself. No one can know your feelings more than you yourself.

Don't be intimidated. This wand takes the guesswork out of casting, made easy by the master Mahindred Shamasee.

This is a one of a kind item.

If you feel drawn to it, please do not delay. It may not be here the next time you check.




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