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Spell cast: Capture their mind heart and soul POWEFUL

Spell cast: Capture their mind heart and soul POWEFUL
Item# spell-cast-capture-their-mind-hear-and-soul-poweful
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Product Description

Note: You will receive a spell cast stone in the mail which will be imbued when your spell is cast. Keep the stone close and touch it often to amplify your spell. I will need names and dates of birth to start your spell.

This spell is extremely powerful! It is for those of you who want to feel loved, needed and cherished by the one you love desires. This spell will make them totally faithful and think only of you. No other will compare to your beauty, charm or personality. They will think of you non stop, lust for you and cater to your every need as their love grows and GROWS! You will be as important to them as the air they breath. You will complete their soul and intertwine with their energy as you become one burning twin flame of desire!