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Spell Cast Healing Hands chi Balancing Pendant Amulet

Spell Cast Healing Hands chi Balancing Pendant Amulet
Item# spell-cast-healing-hands-chi-balancing-pendant-amulet
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Amulet is small in size.  It has a hand and a star on the front symbolizing the healing hand.  It comes with a recharging chain.


What is Chi?

Chi is the life-giving, vital energy that unites body, mind and spirit.

Chi, the Chinese word for "breath" or "air," flows through pathways called meridians. There are twelve major meridians in the human body. Each of them is associated with a particular organ system such as the lungs, the heart, the kidneys, etc.

In a healthy individual, the chi flows evenly, making the body vibrant and strong. If the chi is weak or “blocked,” you may feel tired, achy, and even emotionally distraught. Blocked chi indicates disease or pain.

One of the main causes of bad health is the stagnation or blockage of chi. When your chi is strong, balanced and flowing you exude energy and good health. 


Ensuring smooth flow of your mental and spiritual chi also enhances creativity, stabilizes mood, and enables individuals to enter a higher state of consciousness.

This amulet increases the natural flow of Chi throughout your body and aids in total healing.

 It is amazing how quickly and positively your body responds to the unobstructed flow of chi even if it’s been through years of neglect or abuse. 

 Moonstar7spirits is honored to bring this lovely amulet to you.  It will literally change your life.  You will feel amazing in just a few days of wear.

Aids in healing and normalizing all bodily functions.

You can use it to heal others by placing the amulet on them and visualizing  healing.

The more you wear, the better you feel!




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