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Spell Cast Powerful Amulet of the BLACK SPHINX

Spell Cast Powerful Amulet of the BLACK SPHINX
Item# spell-cast-powerful-amulet-of-the-black-sphinx
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Amulet: Gold metal with the Eye of Ra. This amulet comes with a recharging chain.


From the Brotherhood ofsorcerer's sect.

The book of Shadows isshroudedfrom the physical eyes of humans. It appears as blank pages in an old leather bound book with a dragon on the front. 


Only an Illuminati Master has the ability to decipher and administer these powerful spells.

We present to you an Illuminati MasterAMULET 

The methodology of the spells on this piece areshrouded in secrecy and done with precision for quick and permanent results.



Thispowerful amulet encompasses the 4 reining powers of the Black Sphinx.
1. "To know" ~ To know is your intuition which will be greatly advanced by this amulet.
2. "To will"~ is to use your thoughts to manifest anything you desire into the physical.
3. "To dare"~ is to practice magick, pushing against all limitations to become one with the Black Sphinx. Knowing you can accomplish anything.
4. "To keep silent" is to keep silentand to not speak about the working, and to not interrupt it by focusing too much on it after the working is done.
Be prepared for amazing positive changes to follow the arrival of this powerful amulet.
You will never look back.
This is your BEGINNING!

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