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Spell cast Super Charm Bead Charm everyone you see!

Spell cast Super Charm Bead Charm everyone you see!
Item# spell-cast-super-charm-bead-charm-everyone-you-see
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Product Description


You are viewing a spell cast bead for SUPER CHARM! Beads are an effective and comfortable way to wear a spell!

This bead was triple cast with my most effective spell TO MAKE YOU SUPER CHARMING!

Moonstar7spirits was voted TOP SPELL CASTOR ! You are guaranteed to get results, or your money back!

This spelled bead will help you say the right things and look the part.... in ALL situations! Land your dream job! Advance in your career! Attract the right kind of people! Succeed in every Situation you attempt!

You will be the center of attention at every party or gathering.

You will never be at a loss for words again. This spell helps you to say all the right things!

You will be irresistable and TOTALLY UNFORGETTABLE!

The spell beads will not lose their power for as long as you have them. The beads are made of high quality glass and have a metal center. My beads were chosen for their beautiful patterns and rich colors . Glass was chosen as the material for my beads as it is the perfect conductor of spell energies. It magnifies and enhances the spells and releases the energies back to you in the purest form.

My spell beads can also be worn on your own chain, bracelet or as a ring. You can wear the beads in any order. All beads work together to benefit you! Please check my store for more exciting ways to wear my spell beads! My jewelry items are spelled to keep your beads free of negativity and working to their full potential.