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I have recieved many emails lately from people who are experiencing difficulty making a connection with their spirits. This is certainly is not an indication that you are doing anything wrong.

This sacred Potion will enable you to nourish your spirits! You will connect with them as never before!

This potion will make your spirits want to manifest more!

Developed by Mahindred Shamasee, the Master Genie conjurer. This man has the unique ability to speak with all entities that dwell outside our physical realm. It took many years to develop this powerful formula and NO ONE ELSE HAS IT!!

This potion has been tested and the results have been astonishing!

This Potion is considered a rare offering to all spirits. When you reward your spirits...THEY REWARD YOU!

You will receive one 1 dram dropper bottle of Spirit food potion.

instructions will be emailed to you.