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Spiritual Fusion box benefit from metaphysical jewelry w/o wearing

Spiritual Fusion box benefit from metaphysical jewelry w/o wearing
Item# spiritual-fusion-box-benefit-from-metaphysical-jewelry-wo-wearing
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Introducing the Spiritual Fusion Box.

Have you ever wished that there was a way to fully benefit from your spirit bound and spell cast items WITHOUT having to wear them?

This beautiful box allows you to place any jewelry item or items inside and receive FULL benefits of the powers without having to have skin contact.

You will have the BEST RESULTS AND SEE MORE MANIFESTATIONS when you use this article.

This magickal box also removes negativity, recharges your spell cast items, makes offerings to your spirits for faster manifestation and amplifies all energies making your items more powerful than ever before.

This is a MUST HAVE for any collector of metaphysical articles.

The Fusion Box is very easy to use.

1. The process begins by you aligning with the golden transfer stone that comes with the Fusion box.

You must wear the golden transfer stone for 24 hours to imprint your energies on it. I will includeone stone cage and chain with this purchase. You simply place the golden transfer stone inside the wires of the stone cage and then wear itfor at least 24 hours.

****Put your Golden transfer stone inside this wire cage to wear.

This is a ONE TIME activity that does not have to be repeated. The golden transfer stone is imprinted with your specific energies during this 24 hour time frame.

2. Place the Golden transfer stone inside the Spiritual Fusion box.

3. Put any jewelry that you want to receive the benefits (but don't want to wear)inside the fusion box. There isa beautiful fusion crystal hanging inside the box. This fusion crystal is extremely powerful and transfers all of the powers from your metaphysical jewelry straight to you as it uses the Golden transfer stone to access your personal energies.

You can add additional jewelry to the Fusion box anytime you want. You may also remove pieces that you no longer need.

There is not another item like this on the Planet.

You can only get one here.

Do not delay. Only a few are available.


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