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The rite of

The rite of
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The RITE OFAblanathanalba- THE GRYPHON

From the Brotherhood ofsorcerer's sect.

The book of Shadows isshroudedfrom the physical eyes of humans. It appears as blank pages in an old leather bound book with a dragon on the front. 


Only an Illuminati Master has the ability to decipher and administer these powerful spells.

We present to you an Illuminati Master Binding.

A Master Binding is performed solely by elite members of the Illuminati.


The methodology of these spells is shrouded in secrecy and done with precision for quick and permanent results.

You are getting the BEST and most powerful direct binding available in the World.

Others may claim to have access to Illuminati spells, but Moonstar7spirits is known Worldwide for access to the top leaders.

No jewelry item will be sent. This binding will be attached directly to you using your Name and date of birth.

This ritual is Knows as the Rite of theAblanathanalba.

Ablanathanalba is a powerful spiritual Gryphon with the body and mane of a lion with an Eagle's head.



This powerful ritual is perfect for everyone. Ablanathanalba (reads the same forwardsand backwards) The Gryphon is summoned forth and bound to your energiesto protect against the forces of evil. It protects against anything that is contrary to you achieving what is rightfully yours, or anyone who is jealous, vindictive or has an evil thought against you. This ritual also secures the things that you should have to be a happy and secure individual. Relationships, money, career, excitement and health. This magickal ritual is known only to the most elite sects of the Illuminati. You will be given the name of the Gryphon. This name when spoken will give you elite super natural powers.




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