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Item# triple-spell-cast-bead-everything-good
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Product Description

As you wear this bead your energies will mix with the spells that were cast. These are not your average spells! These are spells that we call "building spells."

What this means is that everytime something GOOD happens while you wear this bead, it strenghtens the spells so that they build upon themselves and begin to bring more GOOD things to you!

Every time you wear this bead, something GOOD will happen to you!

You may receive a compliment, great sale on an item you have been wanting, someone giving you a gift, or meeting someone extra special!

This is only the beginning!

As good things begin to happen.....THE MORE GOOD THINGS WILL COME!

Perhaps it will be a pay raise or job promotion, selling your home for more than you are asking, or winning a lottery!

It just keeps getting better!

The more GOOD things that happen to you, the stronger the spells on your bead will become.... making this item one of the most exciting items available.

This item will pay for itself time and time again!

Buy more than one bead for even stronger results!

Wearing a spell bead is one of the most comfortable and stylish ways to wear a spell. They are beautiful and functional.

You can wear them in so many different ways. On a chain, a bracelet or a ring.