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Vampire Lust Lip Gloss Potion Attraction LOVE spell

Vampire Lust Lip Gloss Potion Attraction LOVE spell
Item# vampire-lust-lip-gloss-potion-attraction-love-spell
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Not for the faint of heart.................

Experience an item like NO OTHER!

 The longing.. DESIRE...CRAVING..... PLEASURE......THE LUST!

The hypnotic seduction of the Vampire is intoxicating.

Just being in the presence of a true Vampire is pure ECSTACY.

Thebody yearns for the touch of the Vampire. Your mind races, your senses explode....

The attraction is unmistakable..... uncontrollable! It is the magnetic, seductive draw of the Vampire. 

Now you too can experience this magnetism.

This powerful lip potion has been years in the making.

It contains secret ingredients that align your energies to the bloodline of the very first Vampires in existence.

These were not the weak, pale, powerless Vampires you see in movies today.

They were the Vampires with unlimited magickal powers.

They had bodies of warriors and could fly faster than an x-43 Airplane.

When you wear this potion, your aura will radiate with the powers of a True Vampire.

This will help you in every area of your life and will transform your existence.

You will exude intoxicating power and animal magnetism.

Your words will come with power. Your eyes will be hypnotic.

You will receive one Vampire Lip Potion. Instructions are to wear the potion on your lips.

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