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Vampire Treasures bracelet magickal powers
Vampire Treasures bracelet magickal powers
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Product Description

****Message me if you want a different size bracelet please, otherwise 7.5 inches will be sent.


Each charm and bead on this bracelet was triple cast for potency during the correct moon phases!

The beads and charms alone are a 350.00 value not including the Bracelet!

You will get 4 Vampire lust beads (red with golden glitter design as shown). These were TRIPLE cast with our FAMOUS vampire lust spell. This makes you ooze with hypnotic draw of the most powerful Vampires in existence. Others will find your energy irresistable, your beauty unmatched and will want nothing more than to be near you!

You will Get 4 Midas Touch beads (black wtith gold and red designs)! We have offered these for many YEARS and we have a hard time keeping them in stock. These beads were triple cast with our coveted spells for Business, career advancement, Securing a high paying position, drawing extra cash, Gambling luck, being at the right place at the right time and finding hidden and unexpected wealth. Since you are getting 4 of these beads all triple cast with these spells, it is super powerful!

You will get 2 of our hearts desire spell cast charms. These beautiful charms have old druid spells only known to us, that draw forth the desires of your heart quickly. The druids call it "essence" and what this means for you is that your positive desires manifest into physical. These are potent charms on their own, but you are getting 2 of them! Wow!

You will get 2 of our Vampire power Bat charms. These adorable charms were triple cast with our vampire powers spells to bring out your natural psychic gifts, give you tons of energy and strengthen your body to allow all systems to heal naturally. You will feel better than you have in YEARS!

You will get 2 dangling Aura cleansing protection orbs. These work to keep your aura clean and to block all negativity from you. Great to remove hexes, curses, and negative thoughts aimed at you from others. Since you are getting 2 of these you can be sure that your aura will always be bright and clean and you will be well protected.

You will get 2 Vampire Energy catchers. These are the round silver filigree beads. These capture energy in all forms and distribute it back to you in pure form. They are essentially energy filters. Capturing negative energy before it ever reaches you and transforming it into usuable light energy.

***BONUS: You will get a vampire manifestation box. This is a gorgeous little charm box all done in red and silver! Put something meaningful inside to seal this bracelet with your personal intent! This could be a note, a picture, words, a lock of hair, a piece of clothing....whatever you want. This will draw forth the things you desire MOST! The retail value of this item alone is over 50.00!!

You are also getting a recharging bracelet . You can wear the beads on your own bracelets or chains if you desire. You may even want to share some of them with others! You can also add your own choice of spell beads to the bracelet. It will keep them fully charged and working at better than original powers!