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The Story of Voodoo Belle:

Deep in the swamps of Louisiana, among the cypress trees and shadowy moss, lives Voodoo Belle. No one knows her real name or her age. She has simply been there as long as anyone can remember. She is always happy to see you. She is always expecting your arrival. As you sit at her ancient wooden table, she passes you an old mug full of her best elixer. You do not dare turn it down. You drink. Suddenly you are in another time and place. You see all, you know all. Every object is alive with energy, moving and gyrating to the primal drum beat inside your head. Voodoo Belle explains in broken cajun the ways of ancient magick, passed down from her Gran Pappy. She reaches her hand inside the table and plucks out one of the moving particles. She holds the glowing matter in front of your face. She molds it in her rough hands and fashions it into a wooden bowl. She sits the bowl in front of you. "Eat". She says, and you realize the bowl is full of steaming crawfish stew. Time seems to stand still. She speaks to you without opening her mouth. Suddenly you realize that you are out of the swamp. You stand at the edge of the trees and wonder how you got there. You are left with the realization that you will never be the same.


I am pleased to present a collection of prized pieces from the Voodoo Belle Collection.


Voodoo Belle uses these pendants in her own Loa God rituals that were passed down from her Gran Pappy.

According to ancient Voodoo Beliefs there are 7 Loa Gods.

The 7 Loas are:

1. Legba-The Loa of crossroads, doorways, and gates. He is the messenger of the gods. Opens closed opportunities and changes difficult situations.
2. Ogun- The chief warrior Loa. He is the guardian and protector. He is also responsible for progress and positive change regarding career.
3. Chango- The Loa for passion and sex. Enhances relationships sex life.
4. Obatala-The Loa of Divine wisdom. Helps to retain what is learned and to help to gain useful knowledge.
5. Oya- The Loa Goddess of rightful vengence. She seeks out those who try to cause wrongful harm and sends the wrongful act back to them three times.
6. Yemaya- The Loa Goddess of the subconscious and creative endeavors.
7. Oshun- The Loa Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.
This Vibrant pendant will be a wonderful addition to your metaphysical jewelry collection
Use it in your own voodoo rituals!



You will receive a pendant just like the one shown. It is 18k gold plated with a vibrant pink stones. It comes with a matching chain.

Instructions will be emailed to you!


Please do not delay. I only have a few of these pendants available.

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