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Voodoo Goddess Erzulie rich beautiful and lucky in love

Voodoo Goddess Erzulie rich beautiful and lucky in love
Item# voodoo-goddess-erzulie-rich-beautiful-and-lucky-in-love
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Product Description

Earrings: Stunning vibrant green cubes! These are excellent quality with a unique design 925 studs. They are very comfortable and will get you many compliments!

These Gorgeous earrings were created during a ceremony that involved calling the spirit of Goddess Erzulie and infusing her energies within. They buzz with electrical energies and will soon become your favorite earrings as things begin to go your way!

Erzulie, is the Voodoo Goddess of love, beauty, jewelry, dancing, luxury, and flowers. She brings all things which are beautiful, rare and expensive. She will shower you with endless Wealth for all of your time on earth. She also provides the sanctity and security of her divine protection. She will guard your health and welfare and make you extremely happy and fulfilled in every way. If you are looking for love, Goddess Erzulie can find your perfect mate.

Using these earrings is simple. Just wear! The more you wear, the more wonderful positive things you will experience.