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Voodoo Loa Gods Earrings of power and wealth

Voodoo Loa Gods Earrings of power and wealth
Item# voodoo-loa-gods-earrings-of-power-and-wealth
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Product Description

Earrings: Gorgeous blue topaz cube style earrings. 925 sterling silver. Excellent quality. Pierced earring studs.

Moonstar7spirits is Honored to bring you these beautiful and desirable Voodoo spell cast earrings. During a special ceremony, the Loa Gods were summoned and their energies were infused with these earrings to bring you tremendous power in all areas of your life. Moonstar7spirits is dedicated to bringing you the most powerful articles. All items come with our money back guarantee.

The 7 Loas are:

1. Papa Legba-The Loa of crossroads, doorways, and gates. He is the messenger of the gods. Opens closed opportunities and changes difficult situations. 2. Ogun- The chief warrior Loa. He is the guardian and protector. He is also responsible for progress and positive change regarding career. 3. Chango- The Loa for passion and sex. Enhances relationships sex life. 4. Obatala-The Loa of Divine wisdom. Helps to retain what is learned and to help to gain useful knowledge. 5. Oya- The Loa Goddess of rightful vengence. She seeks out those who try to cause wrongful harm and sends the wrongful act back to them three times. 6. Yemaya- The Loa Goddess of the subconscious and creative endeavors. 7. Oshun- The Loa Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.

All you have to do is wear the earrings. The more you wear, the more results you will see!