Voodoo Mojo Uncrossing spell ring get rid of hexes and curses

Voodoo Mojo Uncrossing spell ring get rid of hexes and curses
Item# voodoo-mojo-uncrossing-spell-ring-get-rid-of-hexes-and-curses
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This ring is being offered as I have received many emails requesting it. I offered it for years on another site and it was very well received, bringing tremendous blessings to the owners.

This ring is spell cast by a Voodoo Shaman and is extremely powerful.

An item for uncrossing is one of the most important metaphysical items that any one should have. Uncrossing spells can assist you in any situation you will come across in your life. Sometimes it is the ONLY way to help yourself or another person.

Here are some symptoms that you may be experiencing if you are crossed:

You will get any lasting results from your spells.

You will not have effective communication with your spirits.

You may keep making the same mistakes over and over.

You may have a hard time breaking habits that are harmful.

Problems with money.

Hard time getting ahead.

Difficult relationships.

Low Self esteem.

Unable to make decisions.

Cloud of bad luck.

This beautiful Uncrossing ring will unblock and re-direct you back onto a positive path in life.

A Crossed Condition is like having a crossed wire or short circuit. Eventually the circuit will overload and blow! The same is true for your own life. If you do handle the Crossed Condition, you will sooner experience major setbacks.

Ring is beautiful 925 sterling silver. It has a "criss cross" design.