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Witches Brew Perfume Potion Ancient Magick Moonstar7spirits

Witches Brew Perfume Potion Ancient Magick Moonstar7spirits
Item# witches-brew-perfume-potion-ancient-magick-moonstar7spirit7
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Product Description

Sparks fly from the bubbling caudren as the witches chant in a feverish pitch. The language is ancient, the powers are intense. The ground moves, the sky turns dark and the trees lean in for a closer look......

Introducing WITCHES BREW! A SUPER POWERFUL positive ATTRACTION potion exclusively from Moonstar7spirits!


This is magick at its best. Developed over time and layered in tradition and expertise! Moonstar7spirits is known Worldwide for our powerful results producing items. This one will AMAZE YOU!

This intoxicating perfume is life changing!

Hearts will flutter in excitement as the magickal scent envelopes their senses. You will glow with a powerful magick aura that will make everyone take notice. You will radiate with an old charm that will make you look and feel like star!

You will begin to notice changes...important positive occurances that will draw you into the life you have always dreamed of. Luxury, fine things, crystals, diamonds, gold and hard cold cash will turn up in miraculous ways as your energies mix with our powerful Witches brew perfume!

There is nothing more powerful.

This gorgeous crystal bottle will come filled with Witches Brew perfume and will include a 1 dram dropper refill.